King Salmon


Oncorhynchus Tshawytscha

Seasonality – Year round.

Catching Method – Farmed

Raw Preparation – You bet

Cooked With The Skin On – Yes

Preferred Cooking Methods – Practically any method. Raw, grilled, poached, steamed, cooked whole, BBQ’d, smoked

Substitute Species – You could use kingfish in nearly every application where you would use salmon


Universally adored, our New Zealand King Salmon is prized by most when gracing any table. There is no fish as unique and as usable as a King Salmon.

Served raw, its texture and oiliness just beg for a lick of soy sauce and a smidgen of fresh wasabi. As far as cooking goes you can literally use any application of heat or style of cooking for impressive results.

Cooking salmon with the skin on creates a terrific textural contrast when eating the fish.

Because of its oil content, no matter how you eat salmon, it’s very rich. Therefore, it’s quite economical as you generally use smaller portions.

Also because of its richness, it takes on plenty of aggressive ingredients to create a balanced mouthful. Salmon loves pure citrus like lemon and lime juice. It also embraces the big Asian ingredients like soy, sesame, hoisin, ginger etc. If you’re poaching the salmon and eating cold, mayonnaise style sauces will always work well.  Best of all, Salmon is great for you loaded with Omega 3’s!