Pseudocaranx Dentex

Seasonality – Year round

Catching Method – Trawl, long line, ledger, soft bait

Raw Preparation –  Excellent!

Cooked With The Skin On – Yes

Preferred Cooking Method – Sauteed, baked, crumbed, battered, stew/curry

Substitute Species – Kahawai, Mackerel, Kingfish


Without doubt, one of the best fish to eat raw. It’s translucent texture is simply extraordinary. The Japanese people prize the trevally as a raw dish hero, and they know a thing or two about that.

It is also great to sauté trevally. It cooks very quickly, so keep a close eye on it, and take it out of the pan just prior to when you think it is done, as it will continue to cook a wee bit after.

Remove it from the pan, then add a dollop of butter, some capers, pickled peppers, chopped fresh tomatoes, a little preserved lemon, torn parsley, flakey sea salt and fresh black pepper!

Place the trevally fillets on toast and spoon over some of the sauce. You’re welcome!