Seriola lalandi

Seasonality – Year round

Catching Method – Live bait, jig, stick bait, trawl, troll

Raw Preparation – You bet

Cooked With Skin On – Yes

Preferred Cooking Methods – Grilled, BBQ’d steaks, pan-fried crisp skin, smoked

Substitute Species – Trevally, Blue Mackerel, Kahawai


An absolute cracker of a fish. Pound for pound there aren’t many fish that fight with such strength and determination than a kingfish. What also makes them prized by so many, is they are simply delicious to eat. They are held in very high esteem by the Japanese sashimi brigade, offering up a wonderful texture when consumed raw. They also lend themselves to a variety of cooking methods.

When the smaller fish or the tail section are steaked, they are a great fish to cook over the coals of a BBQ. The one thing to bear in mind when cooking kingfish is to not overcook as it has a tendency to dry out.

Try this; cut small half centimeter thick slices, heat up a pan, then just sear each side for a couple of seconds, so the outside of the fish is cooked but the inside completely raw. Serve it with a little green olive and fresh lime tapenade.