Blue Warehou

Warehou Kahurangi

Seriolella Brama

Seasonality – Year round, but mainly winter

Catching Method – Trawl, ledger rig, soft bait

Raw Preparation – Yes

Cooked With Skin On – Not usually (thick blood line)

Preferred Cooking Methods – Pan roasted, crumbed/battered, curry/stew

Substitute Fish – Blue Moki, Hapuka/Groper, Bluenose


Blue Warehou, is such an underrated fish. It is incredible value for money, considering its versatility. It is hands down the best choice for Fish and Chips – but is also delicious crumbed in panko breadcrumbs and shallow fried. It is also a great fish to poach in a curry or use in a chowder or stew, as its large flaked white fillets don’t disintegrate in these situations. Blue Warehou has a relatively high oil content, so can dry out if you overcook it, however this also makes it a wonderful candidate for smoking as well.