Freshcatch’s Eco-Promise: A Sustainable Way to Enjoy Fish

Sustainability: it’s a challenging and emotive topic but it’s one we aren’t going to shy away from. Caring for our planet has never been more important and Freshcatch is as committed to the environment as we are to delivering delicious fresh fish to your door.

The good news is that New Zealand leads the way when it comes to resource management of our commercial fisheries. Our fisher-folk face some of the most rigorous regulations in the world. Not only this, but New Zealand’s fishing industry is also a global leader in innovation and technology. Put these two things together and our little country not only prohibits unsustainable fishing practices, it is also promotes new ideas and technologies that will improve fishing practices, making them even more sustainable.

The Kiwi fishing industry is doing a great job of caring for the sea, but that doesn’t mean that we, the fish consumer, are off the hook. As home cooks, we need to be responsible about how we consume and who we support in catching our fish. It’s not a difficult task and there are a few key ways that we can follow the industry’s sustainable footsteps. Some of the best things we can do to be responsible fish eaters is consuming fish locally and seasonally, participating in nose-to-tail eating and selecting fish species from the most sustainable aquaculture practices.

As recreational fishermen and women, we have responsibilities as well but again, the rules are pretty darn easy to follow. First, taking only what we need is great practice – reaching the fishing limit isn’t a challenge. It’s also important to handle fish carefully so that the ones we throw back can go on to live a healthy, long lives and get over the trauma that we caused. It’s also a good idea to avoid using plastic bags, but instead opt for re-usable bags to help prevent any unwanted plastic from entering our oceans. Finally, catching snapper may be your goal, but don’t throw back that warehou! Catching and eating a variety of fish species is more sustainable, plus it will push you home cooks to spice things up and try out some new recipes.

Freshcatch, New Zealand’s fresh fish delivery service, is committed to taking care of our fish. New Zealand is a country surrounded by sea, so it is encouraging to hear how forward-thinking our fisheries industry is. Freshcatch believes that all fish and seafood is precious and delicious. We want to make sure that our oceans are filled with fish not only now but for the next generation as well. Getting fresh fish and fresh shellfish delivered through us means that you can rest assured that you are supporting a sustainable company looking after the fish, the ocean, and the future.