Eating Fish is a Healthy Habit

How Fresh Fish Will Help You Ease into Autumn

The science is in and eating fish regularly (we’re talking twice a week) keeps you healthy! Here are some of the greatest benefits you can enjoy by being a regular Freshcatch fish eater.

Omega Threes 

The first things that usually comes to mind with fish is its omega 3 content. Omega 3s are fatty acids that play an important role in your overall health by promoting a healthy

Cardiovascular system, reducing inflammation and even improving mental health. Not all fish contains Omega 3 though – it is found in oily deep-sea fish, like salmon, sardines and anchovies.

Lean White Meat

One of the healthiest aspects of eating fish has to do with what you aren’t eating. “White meats” like chicken and fish are much leaner and lower in saturated fat than red meat. This is all too relevant in New Zealand where, despite being a small island nation surrounded by sea, we have one of the highest red meat consumption rates per capita.


That lean protein source on your plate also helps keep you lean. Fish is lower in calories than its red meat counterpart, which makes for a lighter, more calorie-controlled meal. 


Fish is a nutrient dense food, meaning that you are really getting bang for your buck when it comes to nutrition. Notably, fish is high in vitamin D and iodine – a nutrient lacking in New Zealand soils. And if you’re keen to join Freshcatch’s Shuck Club, you’ll be glad to know that just one single oyster provides about a week’s worth of vitamin B12! 

Brain Food 

We spoke about Omega 3s already, but research shows that the brain boosting benefits of fish go beyond this. People who consume fish regularly – and not just fish rich in omega 3 – have larger grey matter in their brain which manifests itself through improved memory and cognition and reduced rates of Alzheimer’s Disease.