Try a Fish Feast this Christmas

Try a Fish Feast this Christmas

New Zealand is a southern hemisphere country surrounded by sea, yet we continue to celebrate Christmas like a northern landlocked nation. Christmas ham, turkey and stuffing, roast veggies and traditional Christmas pudding – these are all the fixings of a cold climate holiday.

Our only Kiwi Christmas tradition that makes sense is the obligatory strawberry-covered pavlova! 

This year, ditch the wintry traditions of the north and embrace a festive fish feast instead. Here’s how: 

Shellfish appetisers 

Nothing will convert traditionalists to a seafoodies Christmas like a shellfish starter. Join the Freshcatch shuck club and serve your guests fresh oysters or a simple pasta with freshly cooked clams. 

Impressive whole cooked fish to replace the turkey or ham 

You’ll need a show-stopping fish dish if you’re going to get the family on board with a fishy Christmas – plain old fish and chips won’t do here.

Try wrapping a whole snapper or tarakihi in aluminium foil and add a whole lot of fresh herbs, chili and lemon slices before baking it to perfection. Added bonus: this will take a fraction of the time it takes to roast a turkey, giving you more time to enjoy the day! 

Smoked fish salad 

Get yourself some smoked kahawai (or better yet, smoke it yourself!) and mix it with boiled potatoes, plenty of leafy greens, fresh veggies and a lemon vinaigrette for a beautiful smoked fish salad to round out the Christmas meal. 

Fishy dessert 

Just kidding – keep the pav!

To make things even easier, get a step ahead and order our Seafoodies Christmas pack.