Four Surprising Benefits of Fish

Four Surprising Benefits of Fish

We won’t be surprising anyone by declaring that eating fresh fish a few times a week is good for our hearts, brains and weight. But along with the well-known health benefits of eating fresh fish, there are some very surprising reasons to start incorporating fish in your diet regularly. If you want improved mental health, vision, sleep and iodine levels, it might be a good idea to sign up for a regular fish delivery!

Mental Health

One of the best, most surprising benefits of fish is its positive effect on mental health. The celebrated omega 3 fatty acids found in fish are likely the key behind fish’s ability to improve mental health disorders like depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety.  And it’s not just the deliciousness of fresh fish that makes us happier: it’s happening on a chemical level as omega 3 actually increases our brain’s secretion of dopamine – the body’s ‘happy’ hormone. Whether you buy fish or opt for fish oil, you’ll benefit from the positive effect it has on the brain. 


Put fresh fish next to carrots on your dinner plate and you’ve got yourself a seriously eye-friendly meal!  In carrots, beta carotene – the pigment responsible for the bright orange colour – are the cause of improved eye sight. In fish, we can thank those omega 3’s again, which reduce age-related macular degeneration, decrease the effects of dry eyes and improve both general vision and night vision.   

Iodine and It’s Many Functions 

Iodine is a mineral lacking in NZ soils. It is essential to thyroid function, proper metabolism, and brain growth and development, so the fact that the average Kiwi diet is low in this mineral is alarming. Because saltwater naturally contains iodine, seafood is one of the best sources of this nutrient; getting your regular Freshcatch fish delivery is a great way to keep your levels of iodine up. 


Eat fish, sleep well. It’s not an official slogan, but with the current research, we think it should be! Several studies have shown that regular fish or fish oil consumption regulates sleep and enhances sleep quality. If you have a busy lifestyle and feel chronically tired, you might need to look past your coffee cup and reach for the fish to improve sleeping patterns and feel able to take on your day with ease.