Why Kiwis Love Fishing

Why Kiwis Love Fishing

It’s a well-documented fact that fishing is one of New Zealand’s favourite past-times. The love of fishing seems to be one thing that unites Kiwis – whether you’re in a big city like Auckland, or a small town like Oamaru! We delved deeper into the everyday Kiwi’s favourite hobby, wanting to discover the source of joy behind recreational fishing.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best reasons that Kiwis love to get out on the water, drop a line and catch some fish. Even empty-handed fishing trips are a blast – and luckily you always have Freshcatch’s fish delivery to fall back on and feed the troops.

Fishing is Meditative 

Whether you’re on a motor boat, paddling a kayak or just standing on the wharf, fishing is extremely meditative. Searching the sea for fresh fish is relaxing; it seems to magically release us from the stress of daily life, instead giving us a chance to clear our minds, bond with mates and enjoy the quiet.

Many avid fishermen and women rank this fishing-induced relaxation as the best part of the activity – even ahead of catching fish! And with stunning coastal views in abundance in NZ, fishing provides ample opportunity to slow down and simply take in the horizon.


Kiwis love doing. We like to take matters into our own hands, considering ourselves to be builders, plumbers and generally capable of tacking most challenges, so it’s no real surprise that we love working for our food. There’s no better way to feel you’ve earned your meal than catching it yourself. Still, if your DIY fishing attempt wasn’t a roaring success, you can always buy fish from Freshcatch’s fish delivery service – we’re happy to bail you out, and the fish is so fresh, no one will be able to tell the difference!

Connection to the Sea 

Getting out on the water builds a bond with the sea that surrounds our wee nation. Catching fresh fish and other kaimoana connects us to our Maori roots and renews our appreciation for all that the ocean provides. We are so lucky here in NZ to have access to plenty of delicious and unique species of fish. 

That Fresh Sea Air

There’s no feeling quite like fresh, salty sea air. While the sea breeze feels great in your hair, mineral-rich seawater is also wonderful for your health. Being near or on the sea is linked to improved sleep, happiness and better mental health and is healing for many skin conditions. If you feel great after a day of fishing, you can thank that lovely ocean water.