5 Reasons to Jump on the Fresh Fish Delivery Bandwagon

freshcatch fresh fish delivery

New Zealand’s grocery industry is slowly being taken over by food delivery services. And it makes sense – in a world where everyone is rushing around, why not opt to take one thing off your list? Here are five reasons why you should start to buy seafood and fish with Freshcatch.

1) Freshly Caught Fish

There’s nothing in the world like fresh fish and the fish delivered with Freshcatch is always straight from the sea. Our dock-to-door fishing style means that you will have the freshest catch possible, letting you enjoy the tastiness and health benefits of freshly caught fish.

2) Interesting Variety

We love our snapper and tarakihi fillets, but here at Freshcatch we are huge fans of the lesser known fish and uncommon cooking methods. With our recipes, tips and tricks, you will feel confident to try your hand at preparing delicious meals using less familiar fish species. Our many different fresh fish boxes give you the chance to explore and experiment with new flavours and texture. If you want to buy seafood, there’s no beating our variety and quality.

3) Convenient Delivery

If you like to buy fish fresh but can’t get to the fish monger before closing time, Freshcatch is your saving grace. We want everyone to have access to fresh fish, which isn’t always possible in today’s fast-paced world. That’s one of the cornerstones of Freshcatch: fresh fish made simple.

4) Health & Wellbeing 

We are all striving to be healthier, and our diets are a cornerstone to overall wellness. Fish is a phenomenal source of lean protein, and on top of that it is absolutely delicious! The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) say 72% of adults do not know they should be eating AT LEAST two portions of fish a week; that amount has been proven to lower the risk of heart attacks, heart disease, cholesterol, strokes, depression, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s! Eating at least two portions a week will increase the levels of Omega-3 in your body, which in turn lead to healthier skin, hair, nails, and better sleep! A diet full of fish will also boost your mood and maintain brain function.

5) Green Living

There are so many reasons that Freshcatch’s fish delivery service in helping the planet. We proudly follow and support the fishing industry’s regulations around fishing limits and careful fish handling. We also limit waste as much as we can when preparing the fish, but also by promoting nose-to-tail eating and offering whole fish and less popular fish options. We want to see more fish in the sea, not less.


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