5 Delicious Fish Species You Might Not Have Tried Before

In New Zealand we have the luxury of being surrounded by a beautiful ocean filled with many treasures. Unfortunately, many of these hidden gems often they never make it to the dinner table. With our common-folk largely focused popular species such as Snapper, Tarakihi, Kahawai and other classics, the team a Freshcatch want to share some of our favourite species that are often unfairly forgotten! Each and every one of them is bloody delicious in their own right.

1: Ling:

In the flesh Ling might not be the best-looking fish in the mix. But do not be fooled by its melted eel type complexion. It’s a part of the cod family and comes with relatively soft flesh which makes perfect for being crumbed in panko bread crumbs or even getting some beer batter treatment. Some people like to bake or steam it, but we believe they make for an awesome burger fillet when pan-fried!

2: Monkfish:

Is another fish that is hard to get excited about based on its appearance. But again, this fish is a beauty! Monkfish has a terrific firm texture that also takes on big flavours. It’s the perfect fish to pan roast and works well in wet cooking situations like in a curry or seafood stew. Not only that, but it’s firm flesh makes it an awesome addition to a kebab.

3: Blue Warehou:

We believe this fish should be the go-to for fish and chips! This is because it’s perfect when crumbled in panko breadcrumbs and shallow-fried. The Blue Warehou is another special fish that is hugely underrated considering its tasty versatility in the kitchen. On a side note, the Blue Warehou has relatively high oil content, so it can dry out if you overcook it. But this also demonstrates why it makes a case as a wonderful candidate for smoking!

4: Blue Moki:

Produces delicious fillets that are totally underrated. The Blue Moki has a great layer of fat between the fillet and the skin, so if you get it skin on you will be rewarded as the fat layer will melt and naturally base the fish as it cooks. A great way of cooking this fish is by wrapping it whole in tinfoil and stuffing the cavity with thinly sliced fennel bulb, rounds of lemon, fresh herbs, salt, pepper, butter and olive oil. Roast in a pre-heated oven until cooked!

5: Piper:

Is more than a magnificent bait for Kingfish and Kahawai. The Piper, also known as garfish in many Europeans countries, has its own rightful spot at the dinner table. Piper has a very delicate clear flesh which makes it an excellent choice to cook pan-fried. We recommend combining olive oil, lime juice, thyme and a generous amount of pepper! Piper is definitely not a fish that should be overlooked on any cookbook recipe list.