3 Proven Ways To Get Your Children Into Seafood


3 Proven Ways To Get Your Children Into Seafood


Are you wondering, how do I get my kids to eat more fish? We’ve all been there and it’s important to find ways around it. Fish is packed with essential Omega-3s our children’s brains need to flourish. For anyone struggling to get the little ones into eating fish, we’ve come up with 3 ways to help nudge them in the right direction.


1: Play it cool and ease them into it

Studies have shown that many kids won’t try a new food unless they’ve seen it 10- 15 times (that’s not an exaggeration!). If your child refuses to eat fish on the first attempt, don’t be disheartened. It’ll take them a few more times to warm up to it. Start by serving fish a couple times of week without pressuring them to eat it. Trust that all the humming and hawing from the rest of the family will eventually do the trick. It’s only a matter of time until they’re curious to know what they’re missing out on.


2: Let them build their own meals

Kids love being hands on, take advantage of that and let them build their own meals or choosing food from a selection of offerings. This is a great way for them to feel in charge and give them a sense of independence. Spread out cooked fish fillets along with some fresh buns, wraps, lettuce, cheese, carrot, tomato and beetroot. It’s normal for them to create a horrendous mess, but at least they have fun on fish night!


3: Using fish in their favourite meals

Be it substituting or mixing, this is an awesome way to sneak fish into their diet. For example, if your kids love Macaroni Cheese – slipping a little Salmon or Tuna in the mix is an easy way to make sure they’re getting their weekly Omega-3 needs. If Macaroni Cheese doesn’t cut it, then you can’t go wrong with a classic fish pie or spaghetti and (fish) meatballs. There’s countless ways to be creative here, have fun with it!


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