Warming Winter Seafood Dishes from Around the World

Goan fish curry

When planning cosy dishes for chilly winter nights, make sure you buy some seafood. Slow-cooked lamb shoulders and beef stews aren’t the only way to survive winter – fish can also do the trick! The team at Freshcatch know that fresh seafood can keep your meals interesting and your bellies warm this winter – but don’t take our word for it! Check out our list of warming winter seafood dishes from around the globe.

Ukha Fish Soup – Russia

With temperatures plummeting to -15 degrees C, the Russians have mastered the art of a warming winter dish. Ukha is a soup made of fresh fish fillets cooked with a clear broth, plenty of root vegetables and seasoned with pepper and bay leaf, nutmeg, fennel and herbs. Traditionally made with fish heads and bones, this soup is a perfect opportunity to get a whole fish delivered with Freshcatch and practice nose-to-tail eating.

Goan Fish Curry – India

Nothing warms you from the inside out quite like an Indian curry. Goa, a coastal city on the western side of India, is known for this delicious fish-based dish made with coconut milk and mustard oil, tamarind and plenty of spice. These flavours carry the cooked fish fillets nicely, making for a warm, tangy and flavourful meal on a cold winter’s night.

Chupe De Camarones – Peru

Every country needs a good seafood chowder, and Peru certainly delivers with their national dish, Chupe De Camarones. The Peruvians make a spicy broth, add chunky vegetables, poached egg, corn on the cob and plenty of prawns. The next time your Freshcatch fish delivery box arrives, try this Peruvian twist on the good ole seafood chowder.

Jambalaya – America

The American city New Orleans has a fascinating history blending Spanish, West African and French influence, leading way for unique and flavourful dishes. Jambalaya combines sausage and vegetables, seafood and rice with bold seasonings and flavours. The result is a risotto-like, tomato-based jumble of flavours where the sausage and the shrimp compete for centre-stage.

Seafood Laksa – Southeast Asia

Laksa is found across Southeast Asia, from Malaysia to Thailand, Indonesia to Singapore. The word ‘laksa’ refers to its long list of ingredients and each region has its own version of the dish. No matter where it’s found, the one thing it has in common is that it is spicy, filled with noodles and makes the most of fresh seafood.

Convinced yet? Buy your fresh fish delivery box with Freshcatch and warm up with wonderful seafood-based dishes all winter long.