Buy frozen NZ Scallop Meat from Sanford and Sons. Scallops are juicy and sweet when pan fried.
Sanford and Sons NZ scallop meat on plate with ice.
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New Zealand Scallop Meat

500g bag | $49.95

New Zealand Scallop Meat is delivered to you frozen in a vacuum-sealed 500g pack, ready to be defrosted and indulged.


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Scallops are among the brightest, juiciest and tender stars of the shellfish world. These New Zealand Scallops, or Tupa, come frozen in a vacuum-sealed 500g pack that locks in their freshness.


Caught in Northland’s Bream Bay and sourced by Sanford and Sons, their meat is sweet and succulent, with a tender, buttery texture that’s similar to crab or lobster.


Scallops are best cooked quickly on a high heat, and removed from the heat as soon as their colour turns from translucent to white to ensure their meat stays tender.


Scallops are often pan seared or sautéed, but they can also be baked, grilled on the barbeque, poached, and added to rice or pasta dishes. For a special dish, wrap in prosciutto or pancetta and fry for a soft and slightly salty entrée.


Order your frozen Scallop meat online from Sanford and Sons for the freshest fish and seafood delivered from the dock to your door, or browse our range to find the perfect seafood for your dish. See our recipes for easy and delicious meal inspiration.

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