About Us

Sanford and Sons is a small team of proud Kiwis with a love of food, who simply want to see people in New Zealand enjoying the best of what our country produces: fresh and seasonal.

We want to introduce a way to merge convenience with freshness.
We want to connect Kiwi families with our fisherfolk and to reconnect our society with seasonal freshness and the origins of our foods.

We’re built on a few simple values


To ensure the best fish and seafood possible, for the community involved in bringing it to you and the kaitiakitanga of our oceans and rivers.


Tap a button and get New Zealand’s best seafood that shows up right at your door with simple tips & how-to’s.


Straight up and open in everything we do.

Our view on Sustainability

Sustainability is an extremely complex subject clouded with a range of emotions and perspectives, from a host of agencies, organisations and individuals with varying access to relevant and suitable information. What we do know however, is that New Zealand’s commercial fisheries are subject to some of the most rigorous resource management laws in the world, which prohibit non-sustainable fishing practices. Not only this, New Zealand’s fishing industry is leading the world in innovation and technology which make our fishing practices even more sustainable.
What’s most important though, is that as fish eaters we are sensible and responsible about the way we consume fish. We can do this in a variety of really simple ways such as eating seasonally, eating delicious parts of the fish that are normally discarded; and selecting species from the most sustainable aquaculture practices.
In addition to this, as fishermen and women, it’s important we apply this same responsibility to the way we catch fish ourselves, by taking only what we need, rather than our limit, handling carefully this fish we put back, enjoying eating a variety of species and eating nose to tail.
All fish and seafood is precious and delicious, and if we care for it, it’s a resource we can celebrate forever.
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