Where does your seafood come from?

We source products direct from our partner boats, the morning fish market auctions, as well as from other reputable fisheries from across New Zealand.

What’s with the different boxes?

If you like what you know, and know what you like, go for the Kiwi Favourites, Salmon Pack, Whole Fish, or the Raw Deal. In these boxes, you can pick the exact fish type you’d like to get.

With our Catch of the Day box, you pick the range of species you prefer (Classic or Premium) and we will send you the best of the catch for that day, within the range you chose. You will receive a text at 8am letting you know which fish type you will be getting to help with menu planning. We have recipes, tips, and tricks in our inspiration page to help if you need it.

What if I’m not happy with the seafood you sent me?

Please send us an email at support@sanfordandsons.co.nz no later than three days after the date you received the Box. Our ‘Care you can taste’ guarantee means we are 100% committed to making it right.

How does it stay cold and fresh and beautiful?

Not home to receive the delivery? No problem – We pack your seafood in specially designed Chilltainers, with re-usable ice packs, that will keep your box chilled under 5 °C for at least 12 hours.


Is there a deadline for placing an order?

We want to make fresh seafood as accessible as possible.

You can order most boxes up to 10pm the day before your desired delivery date.

What if by chance a certain product isn’t available?

One of the benefits of our boxes is that they are designed with choice in mind so we can select the freshest fish available – however if it does occur, we will substitute with something equally as delicious. As always our ‘Care you can taste’ guarantee ensures if you’re not happy we will make it right.

I have placed an order but didn’t receive a confirmation email?

Please send us an email at support@sanfordandsons.co.nz we will look into it for you.

Do I have to subscribe for weekly or fortnightly deliveries?

You should; but you don’t have to. You can select your frequency to be a Single Order when choosing your box options.

How do I change what I’m getting in my subscription?

We are working on a simple interface that will allow you to make all the changes you want yourself – in the meantime, send us an email to support@sanfordandsons.co.nz letting us know what you’d like to change, and we will handle it for you.

How do I pause or cancel my subscription?

Log in and go to ‘My Account’.

Click on Subscriptions – there you will see any subscription you hold with us.

Click the ‘View’ button next to the subscription you want to change.

Select Suspend, Cancel or Change the Delivery Address.

Then you’re all set.

How do I restart my subscription?

Log in and go to ‘My Account’.

Click on Subscriptions – there you will see any subscription you hold with us.

Click the ‘View’ button next to the subscription you want to restart.

In ‘Actions’ select ‘Reactivate’.

Then you’re all set.

My order has not arrived – what do I do?

Please send us an email at support@sanfordandsons.co.nz

We will contact our couriers to ensure it is on the way.


What days do you deliver?

We deliver Monday to Friday.

If you have a special order you would like to schedule for a weekend delivery, reach out to us on support@sanfordandsons.co.nz and we will see what we can do!

Where do you deliver?

Currently, we deliver to the greater Auckland area.

What are your delivery times?

All deliveries are scheduled to arrive between 12 – 5pm.

If your delivery arrives after 5pm, send us an email to support@sanfordandsons.co.nz and we will refund your delivery fee.

What if I am not at home?

As part of our service agreement you have given us permission to leave your order at your delivery address. When you place your order you can detail special instructions as to where we leave it. We simply ask that this is easily accessible and that if you have a dog, that it’s tied up!

If you are not home, we will text you to let you know your order has been delivered. We take the utmost care in ensuring your delivery arrives under temperature control in our specially designed Chilltainers, packed with ice to ensure optimum freshness. Our box will keep your seafood under 5 °C for at least 12 hours.

Do you re-collect the empty boxes?

If you live within the Auckland delivery zone, we do! Just leave your box outside, and in your next delivery our drivers will bring them back to us. (THIS HAS BEEN PAUSED DURING THE COVID-19 LOCK DOWN)

If you are outside of the Auckland zone – our boxes are 99% recyclable, and the ice packs are re-usable!

What is the delivery charge?

$10 – Covers the greater Auckland area.