Blue Cod


Parapercis Colias

Seasonality – Year round

Catching Method – Pots, line caught

Raw Preparation – Yes, but other species preferred

Cooked With The Skin On – No, traditionally served skin off

Preferred Cooking Methods – Whole, pan-fry, bake, poach, steamed, crumbed/battered

Substitute Species – Gurnard, Butter Fish, Ling


The further south you head, the more cult status this fish takes on. In fact, it is hard to get Blue Cod eaters to try anything else. The flavor of this fish is delicate/mild and slightly sweet. It has a small soft yielding flake and when cooked the flesh turns super white.

Because of its delicate flavor and features, it is recommended to add a texture to the cooking process; popular choices are crumbing or battering Blue Cod when cooking.

The Asian culinary community also treasures the Blue Cod, often steaming it as a whole fish along with spring onions, ginger, soy style dipping sauces and the like.