Buy NZ Abalone Paua Pottle online from Sanford and Sons. Make paua fritters or fry the abalone up with some butter.
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Blue Abalone - Minced

200g pottle | $29.99

These Blue Abalone, or Pāua, pottles contain 200g of frozen, pure minced Blue Abalone.


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Blue Abalone, or Pāua as it is often called in New Zealand, has a brilliant bright blue shell with black outer and white inner flesh. It is a delicious and versatile shellfish.

This Blue Abalone is sourced by Sanford and Sons from a farm in the pristine, clear waters of New Zealand’s Bream Bay.

Blue Abalone is like no other seafood. Its meat is salty and rich with a subtle sweetness. When cooked, its texture is firm and pleasantly chewy – somewhere between scallops and calamari.

Each 200 gram Abalone pottle contains pure, frozen minced blue abalone meat that’s ready to be formed into patties or sausages, quickly fried in butter with garlic, or even enjoyed raw.

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