Buy Side of King Salmon from Sanford and Sons online. See our recipes page for a delicious Baked Salmon Side.
Buy large Side of King Salmon from Sanford and Sons online. We suggest cooking salmon side in the oven.

Big Glory Bay King Salmon Side

Minimum 1.2kg per unit | $60.00

Our Salmon is sustainably raised in the deep south. Our side comes pin-boned, skin-on and vaccum sealed. Each side is a minimum of 1.2kg, enough to feed roughly 8-10 people.



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Surely the world’s best Salmon– Hāmana – come from the world’s most remote aquaculture farm.

Big Glory Bay King Salmon are farmed in the deep south of New Zealand. The pristine waters of Big Glory Bay in Stewart Island/Rākiura come straight from Antarctica, and the chilly temperatures mean the salmon grow slowly, developing a distinctive flavour profile with a rich smooth taste and melt-in-mouth texture.

King Salmon have a dark green back, shimmery silver sides, and a silver-white underbelly. Their flesh is a gorgeous, vibrant orange.

Big Glory Bay’s King Salmon are reared to rigorous Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification standards, proof of their commitment to animal well-being and the environment.

A whole side of Big Glory Bay King Salmon can be oven baked, barbequed, cured, smoked, or even pan-fried (if you have a big enough pan!) and presented whole at the table to wow your guests. See our Side of Salmon recipes here.

Order your Big Glory Bay King Salmon Whole Side online from Sanford and Sons for the freshest fish and seafood delivered from the dock to your door, or browse our range to find the perfect seafood for your dish.

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