Chelidonichthys Kumu

Seasonality – Year round

Catching Method – Long line, trawl, ledger, soft bait

Raw Preparation – Yes

Cooked With The Skin On – Yes

Preferred Cooking Methods – Sauté w/ skin on, baked, crumbed

Substitute Species – Butter Fish, Blue Cod, Tarakihi


Another wonderful eating and economical fish, gurnard is a favourite for many Kiwis. Nicknamed ‘Carrots’ for their bright orange colour, gurnard have a lovely small, sweet, white flake.

The fillets of gurnard which are relatively delicate lend themselves perfectly to quick cooking methods. Dust in a little flour (pat off the excess), then sauté in a little oil, finishing with a dab of butter and a simple squeeze of lemon juice.

Another favourite preparation method is to cook the gurnard the same way as above, then marinate it escabeche style, which is a Spanish method of marinating the fish after the cooking. While the fish is still warm, place the fillets in a bowl or something similar, and add a little sherry vinegar, lemon juice, good quality olive oil, orange zest, a couple of star anise, sliced shallots, fresh chilli, a little runny honey salt, and fresh pepper!