Buy Whole John Dory fish from Sanford and Sons with lemon. John Dory is best cooked pan fried for a crispy skin.
Whole John Dory fish fillet on grey background.
Whole Fish

Whole John Dory

Minimum 800g per unit | $17.95

Our fresh, wild-caught Whole John Dory is delivered to you scaled, gilled and gutted. Each whole fish is a minimum of 800g.



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Many consider John Dory, or Kuparu, top of the charts when it comes to eating fish. Its delicate, slightly sweet flavour and medium texture makes it extremely versatile to cook with.


Unique in appearance, John Dory is recognisable by the eye-shaped spot on each flank, and its deep flat shape. Our John Dory are caught around the North Island and at the top of the South Island all year round, meaning you can buy whole John Dory or John Dory fillets whenever you need it.


John Dory is a great fish to bake or grill whole on the barbecue as its flesh stays juicy and moist, and comes easily away from the fish frame once cooked. It can also be pan fried, poached or marinated.


Order your John Dory online from Sanford and Sons for the freshest fish delivered from the dock to your door, or browse our range to find the perfect seafood for your dish. See our recipes for easy and delicious meal inspiration.

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