Pacific Harvest Garlic Seaweed & Sesame Furikake Seasoning

50g |$6.99

Pacific Harvest Garlic Seaweed & Sesame Furikake Seasoning contains 50g of Japanese inspired rice seasoning, that’s vegan friendly and gluten free.


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Pacific Harvest Garlic Seaweed & Sesame Furikake Seasoning is a tasty, flaky & colourful made with a blend of sesame seeds, seaweeds, garlic, sugar and spices. This seasoning will bring a boost of nutrients and deeper flavour to every meal with savoury, meaty and enriching notes.


We recommend sprinkling on top of our Spicy Fish Tacos or Turmeric Fish and Vermicelli Salad, mixing through our Spicy Coconut and Tomato Curry.


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