Buy Whole Scampi Size 5 online from Sanford and Sons. Scampi is similar to shrimp and prawns
Whole Scampi Size 5 with Scampi box on ice and plate.
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Whole Scampi - Size 5

1kg box | $85.00

Our Whole Scampi Size 5 are wild caught and frozen at sea. Each 1kg box contains approx. 25-30 whole Scampi.



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Scampi, or Kōura Rangi, are a rare delicacy and highly sought after, which is hardly surprising as they’re completely delicious.


A smaller member of the clawed lobster family, Scampi burrow into the New Zealand seafloor, down 200 to 800 metres from the surface. Our Scampi are caught primarily off the East Coast of New Zealand, and are available year round.


Not to be confused with prawns or shrimp, Scampi are readily recognised by their pink- and orange-banded shell. Their white, meaty flesh is sweet and delicate tasting, with a medium to firm texture. Whole Scampi is lovely baked, grilled on the barbeque, marinated, or served raw as sashimi.


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